Getting fishy in Goa.

If you are in Goa, don’t forget to visit Ritz classic, Panaji, it is a famous restaurant for fish thali.The moment you get into a restaurant, you get the aroma of authentic Goan food. It has a luxurious  ambience but always overcrowded and tough to find a table. That shows how famous the food is, people are  ready to wait for 20-30 minutes to get into the restaurant. Restaurant is open from 12pm to 3.30 pm all days.

They serve really good royal thali(a platter) wherein you get to eat mouth watering delicacies like fish fry(shallow fry), fish/prawns curry, Shellfish(clams),Shark ambottik, Dry fish salad,1 veg dish, rice and 1 sol curry.

In fish fry they served us Red Snapper(Tamboshi) fish and to my surprise, the fish tasted great! Perfect taste with proper marination.This was my second time i was eating red snapper, but this time it was the best taste! I liked it more than any other fish and I will never forget this taste.

Prawns curry was made up of coconut gravy and ambottik had tangy taste of Tamarind and Kokum. Shell fish had clams with  thick coconut gravy, the flesh was properly cooked. Prior to this I never liked clams, but at this restaurant I ate 2 small bowls of clams. I will definitely try this recipe at home.

Sol kadhi in Goa is bit different than in Konkan, Maharashtra. Goan sol kadhi is little thin and has little coconut milk.

You will not get Chapatis or rotis in thali, as Goan people prefer rice over chapati. But you can order chapati or Roti separately.

overall it was a great fish feast.We spent over an hour here.The mock-tails and sweet lime soda was also too good in taste.

This delicious and mouthwatering Goan seafood cuisine made my day!

One word that comes to my mind for Ritz classic restaurant is,’Perfect’.

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