Spellbinding blue grotto! (Capri, Italy)

Grotto means sea cave. Blue grotto is truly magical place in Capri, where sunlight passes through blue water creates dazzling effect of blue light. I was fortunate to visit this great wonder of nature.

Entrance to the grotto is very small. You have to really lie down in small boat while entering a cave. They pull you inside with the chain attached to the wall of a cave. Maximum 4 people can be carried inside at a time. Cave entry experience is damn thrilling. Once you go inside a cave, it is very dark, but once you turn, you see nothing but blue glowing water, it’s a jaw dropping beauty!

As you go deeper into the cave, the light follows you. You are allowed to swim inside. Boatman sings Italian songs inside the caves, so atmospheric! They also tell you the history of this place. We don’t get to spend more time inside, but whatever time we get it is the best time of our lives. I was confused a bit whether to capture the photos or just experience the beauty and serenity. But it was just an incredible and it is definitely a must see place!

Tips for travellers: If you are visiting during summer time, please carry goggles, caps & umbrellas, as there is a queue for small boats and you have to wait in speed boat for some time. The most important tip is don’t forget to carry anti-emetic medicines in case you suffer motion sickness.


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